Register via PayPal ($15).

There are several extra features available in the registered version of ZRD.

• The database of epcs and effective gammon counts goes out to the midpoint, not just the 8 point.
• You can ask for the best play according to the winning chances or cubeful equity, not just according to the EPC.
• You can ask for the most efficient target bearoff in front of the current position. You can’t reach the 7-5-3 position if you already put 2 checkers on the ace and deuce points. What should you aim for instead?
• You can ask ZRD to play until the bearoff, and show you the resulting position. You can do this either when playing for the win or to save the gammon.
• You can ask for the best play with just half of a roll.

Registering encourages me to keep developing ZRD and related software. I’m interested in innovative backgammon software, but creating a user interface takes a lot of time. I only want to work on this type of interface if others are interested, too.